Easy-to-use solutions that scale with your throughput need,
from research through production.

Why continuous monitoring?

Performing reliable biochemical characterization at scale is hard to near impossible. Workflows incorporating offline tools often generate abberant data. By bringing characterization to the bioreactor, workflow bottlenecks are eliminated. Further, continuous, or in-process, metabolite monitoring is critical for effective process control. Bioprocess insights derived from metabolite monitoring provide a more complete picture of the factors affecting the health and productivity of your culture. Bitome’s groundbreaking approach unleashes exponential rates of biotech innovation.

see GeniiTAS platform

No Bioreactor? Not a problem.

Bioprocess development is plagued by inconsistent growth conditions at each stage of the scaled manufacturing process – resulting in disjointed and unnecessary bioprocess redesign. Bitome’s customizable bioreactor system eliminates discontinuities between R&D and scaled manufacturing. Discover the advantages of tailoring the tool to the culture.

BioFlex System